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We are the people who have lived and walked through many trials that life often brings. We are the invisible who you walk by on the streets in a hurry onward to the next pressing demand. We are the voiceless who have cried out until we could cry no more. We are the outcasts who don't know how or where we belong. We are the helpless who attempt to go forward alone only to confirm all too vividly that no one is an island. And because we have been in one or in many of these situations, we come armed and experienced with the desire to fight, to solve, and to give back in as many ways as we discover through the journey to be supportive to our fellow man and woman and child.


Zion Creations looks to be a leader in the fight to restore our community first and eventually to impact our country with the originally intended ideal of equal opportunity and prosperity. To teach by example, our non-profit will foster the spirit of collaboration and shared accountability with compassion. We will create the avenues for the "win-win" while utilizing strategies that will make a change because of the obstacles we may face.

Mission Statement

Zion Creations, Inc. is a California Public Benefit Charity 501(c)3 that will provide a series of opportunities for the people of the community by assisting them with outreach services, support and a seamless delivery of referrals, so that they can become strong, self-sufficient and independent individuals.

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