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Programs with

Zion Creations

We offer solutions to several issues that greatly hinder many in our communities. Within Zion Creations we know that our specifically designed programs will address many of the issues that have only increased in need but often have had the least resources. 


         Sustainable for Life

         Zion-Food For the Soul,

         Zion-Housing Solutions,

         Zion-Quest For Knowledge, &


All of these will pave the way as groundwork to provide assistance to many who are disadvantaged. We want to offer alternatives in order to provide the resources that combat not only lack of food but also to deal with poor eating habits; to assist in the transitions that come from either homelessness or poor housing situations; and we also provide educational and employment opportunities.


One of the initial launch projects we are excited to implement is Sustainable for Life. Please follow the link to this site to gain further clarification of what we are planning to build.

Next to look for is the Mobile Food Bank Truck that will deliver food to those who are disabled or don't have a reliable method of transportation within Los Angeles County. 


These programs address the issues that utilizes a program model, program guidelines, program plan and budget. Program funding originates from Zion Creations and will be supplemented from Corporate Sponsorship and with Public Donations. All programs are offered regardless of ability to pay, race, economic background, sexual preference or gender.

Our desire to get these programs out into the community as soon as possible can be done and WE NEED YOUR HELP! 




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